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Nutriment Raw

Feeding Dogs & Puppies

Nutriment’s enhanced raw formula meets the energy needs of all breeds of dog, offering highly digestible, flavourful and energy dense nourishment full of essential amino acids, vitamins and dietary macronutrients.

Puppies should be fed 5-6% of their growing body weight and Adult dogs should be fed 2-3% of their ideal body weight. This is only a guide. Some dogs may need, more or less to maintain proper weight

We recommend a feeding any dogs over the age of 6 months twice a day. Depending on the breed of your puppy depends on the age they can move to adult formula, larger puppies can move over sooner, but still feed puppy rations until they are fully grown.


With puppies between puppies between 3 – 6 weeks you can start on our weaning paste; just as in babies you want to introduce plain and simple foods first. Our weaning paste is ground to a paste that will have fine bits of bone easy for them to digest. The weaning paste is only intended as a supplement to the mothers milk.  They should be allowed to suckle first then offer the weaning paste. After 6 weeks you can start introducing our Puppy food which is still very fine and a simple, bland food, by the time they reach 4 months you can start introducing the normal formulas.

Puppy feeding guidelines

dog weight puppy feeding (5-6%)  daily recommendation

  • 5kg = 250 – 300g
  • 10kg = 500 – 600g
  • 15kg = 750 – 900g
  • 20kg = 1000 – 1200g
  • 25kg = 1250 – 1500g
  • 30kg = 1500 – 1800g
  • 35kg = 1750 – 2100g
  • 40kg = 2000 – 2400g