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Aqua One PL11w Sunlight / Tropical Mixed Bulb 2 Pin 53030

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Aqua One PL11 watt Sunlight / Tropical Mixed Aquarium Bulb

  • Perfect for Tropical Tanks
  • 2 Pin Bulb Connection
  • 8k Red Light  / 7.1k White Light
  • 24cm Long including pins with High Output / Long Life Bulb

The Aqua One 11 watt bulb is a combination of red and white light (mixed). Excellent for showing fish colours and helping plant growth. 

Use with a blue / sunlight bulb to give a maximum colour spectrum for your fish.

Aqua One Top Tips

The output or spectrum of any bulb will begin to decline as soon as it is turned on. Replacing it within the manufacturer’s recommended period of time will help to maintain the health of any photosynthetic species by ensuring they are provided with correct light.

Up to 50% of the intensity of light may be reduced by a dirty cover slip and light cover, so keep them clean! Many successful marine coral and aquatic plant keepers remove the covers that normally cover their aquariums.

The impact of any lighting can be increased by adding a reflective cover.

Even the smallest light system may generate a lot of heat. Ensure any fittings or materials that are located close to any lighting systems can withstand this source of heat.

The iridescent colours of fish such as Neon tetras, Siamese fighting fish or even goldfish and Koi with a red pigment may be enhanced by installing a light that produces a red spectrum of light.

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