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Arcadia Freshwater Fluorescent Lamp 38 watt - 42" x 1"

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Arcadia Freshwater Fluorescent Lamps

Arcadia's Freshwater T8 lighting offers many benefits to hobbyists wanting to enhance the beauty of their aquarium, as well as effectively optimizing fish colours and excellent plant growth. The lighting unit also provides an attractive ambiance to the tank. 

Arcadia Freshwater T8 Fluorescent lamps are direct replacements for old and damaged T8 lighting. The unit is quick and easy to install and is designed specifically around the green wavelength for successful photosynthesis. The green colour of the bulb enhances superb plant growth and highlights the beautiful natural colours of many freshwater fish species. 

The innovative T8 lighting unit from Arcadia enhances a vivid and spectacular display of colour and activity within your tank and has been specially formulated to combine a uniquely created colour temperature for ideal levels of growth, health and vitality.

The unique waveband which optimizes both photosynthesis and chlorophyll synthesis, has been enhanced in the Arcadia Freshwater lamp. The effect of the waveband is to actively promote healthy and well-balanced plant growth. The lamp also has the effect of bringing out the lush, deep green colours of plant species within your tank.

At a Glance;


Creates an ideal colour temperature for health and viality

Particularly effective for enhancing the beauty of many freshwater fish species

For excellent plant growth

Enhances lush deep green colours of freshwater plants

Creates an attractive ambiance within your tank

Optimizes both photosynthesis and chlorophyll synthesis

Easy to replace/install

Genuine Arcadia products

The Arcadia Freshwater Lamp is available in the following sizes:

8 watt - 12 x 5/8"
14 watt - 15" x 1"
15 watt - 18" x 1"
18 watt - 24" x 1"
25 watt - 30" x 1"
30 watt - 36" x 1"
38 watt - 42" x 1"
36 watt - 48" x 1"

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