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Eheim Mech MechPro 2L 1680g 2507101

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Eheim Mech MechPro 2L 1680g


Prefilter material made from hollow ceramic rings for trapping large dirt particles

Directly after entering the filtration cycle, water is swirled through the hollow ceramic rings. Larger dirt particles thus sink to the bottom. The treated prefiltered water then continues its way through the other filter layers. EHEIM MECH is easy to clean and reusable.
Prefilter material for large dirt particles
Hollow ceramic rings
Easy to clean
Suitable for fresh and marine water

Mechanical filter media trap suspended matter and dirt particles. This takes place at various stages: 
Firstly, before the water flows through the rest of the cleaning process, EHEIM MECH and EHEIM MECHpro provide high efficiency. EHEIM FIX is the ideal material to use as a separation layer between the mechanical and biological filter media. And for fine filtration at the end, before the water returns into the aquarium, EHEIM SYNTH is the ideal material to use.