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Do Not Disturb Plastic Dog Bed No 3 Black 60cm Base

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Product Description

Pet Bed

Ergonomic and hard wearing plastic bed with ventilation holes and rubber feet to prevent slipping but more importantly, they protect against scratching hard and smooth surfaces.

Solid, top quality plastic pet bed with non-slip feet.

The ventilated base keeps your pet cool while the sides keep cushions and beddings in place. The plastic material makes it easy to clean, made of premium quality plastic for long lasting use. Ergonomic and sturdy quality makes your pet feel secure. Black, 70x47x22cm with a 60cm Base. Dogs and cats are creatures of comfort and each have their own likes and dislikes when it comes to the right bed. There are many options to choose from to suit both pet and owner. You may want something soft and plush, with sides or without. Or something waterproof and flat. Or a big squishy pillow! Something with a pattern perhaps or a cute motif or something hard and durable like wicker or plastic. Or even something outlandishly stylish like a tiny couch? Whatever you are after, there is a bed to suit all pets and their owners you will find the right choice for you.

70 x 47 x 22