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Ceva Feliway Classic 30 Day Starter Kit And Refills

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Feliway Classic 30 Day Starter Kit

When a cat feels safe and secure, it rubs its head on objects, leaving behind
facial pheromones. These pheromones mark the environment as safe and secure.
Feliway is a synthetic copy of this pheromone and is proven to reduce or prevent stress-related behaviours such as:- Vertical scratch marking- Spray marking- Intercat aggression
Feliway can also be used to help comfort cats in challenging
situations such as:
- Moving home- Building work or redecorating
- New arrivals (new baby, pet)- Parties (fireworks, Christmas etc)

FELIWAY Classic 30 Day Refill

🐾  Scientifically proven, over 13 published studies showing efficacy

🐾  Trusted - used by vets, charities and behaviourists

🐾  Easy to use - no daily administration required

🐾  Species specific - no effect on humans or other pets 

Product Information
This Feliway cat calming diffuser plug with a 48ml vial of Feliway Classic liquid is useful for relaxing nervous and stressed cats. The diffuser plug will make a real difference to any stressed cat within the home; it uses relaxing pheromones to help ensure a peaceful feline. The cat calming diffuser plug weighs 0.26lbs, has a width of 7.4cm and a height of 7.2cm.