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Interpet AirVolution AV Mini Aquarium Fish Tank Air Pump (single outlet + airline & air stone)

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Interpet Airvolution Mini Air Pump


  • Inlet noise suppressing chamber.
  • Outlet noise suppressing tubing.
  • Quality moulded case to absorb sound.
  • Anti-Vibration Feet.
  • Better air quality
  • Primary fine white and a secondary carbon filter ensures clean air for your aquarium.
  • High Reliability
  • Precision components with a diaphragm made from space-age material, for a long, reliable performance.
  • Small Pump, High Performance
  • Ideal for small aquariums and bowls
  • Max air flow per hour is 75lt
  • Max pressure is 0.22 mbar
  • The AV Mini includes a free airstone and airline.
  • Height of pump 10cm
  • Power cable = 95cm includes 3 pin plug
  • Single outlet

The AV Mini will power a filter in an aquarium up to 45cm Long, or one 2.5cm airstone, or 1 ornament.


Always use a Air Pump Check Valve with all your air pumps for safety

The Air Pump Check Valve is for use with all types of aquarium air pump.

Prevents potentially damaging back siphoning of water into your air pump.

Use wherever pump is installed lower than the aquarium and always with marine aquariums.