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Interpet Gold Filtration Starter Kit For Fish Bowls

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Interpet Goldfish Bowl Filter Starter Kit

Under gravel filter kit designed specifically for goldfish bowls cleans and purifies water for healthy fish. Interpet Gold Fish Bowl Filter creates a healthy goldfish home.

Fish produce two kinds of waste, solid which can make the water cloudy, and dissolved waste that can make the water toxic.This is unsightly and unhealthy for the fish themselves. Under gravel filtration creates a clear, healthy aquarium by trapping waste matter and removing the toxic fish waste. The pump is housed in a quality moulded case and the solid base absorbs sound. This is a reliable system with a powerful airflow and carbon impregnated filter which reduces air pollution in the tank very effectively.

Kit includes
Aqua Air Aquarium Mini Air Pump
Check Valve
Air Stone
Airline Tubing
Filter Plate
Filter Cartridge
Plastic Plant