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Ista Fish Aquarium Co2 Vertical Controller

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Ista Co2 Vertical Controller
The Ista Co2 vertical controller is a Co2 Regulator made form stainless steel. This regulator is used to control the pressure coming from your Co2 bottles allowing you to diffuse Co2 into your aquarium. A Co2 regulator is required as the high pressures coming from pressurised Co2 cylinders is too strong for aquarium diffusion. It also allows for you to measure how much Co2 is left within the cylinder so you know when to get it refilled.

Contains –
1 Vertical Co2 controller/regulator

At a glance
Controller that is in the 1L CO2 professional set
Made of stainless steel, anti-rust
Hand tighten design, no tools required
High quality solenoid adopted with safety valve
Suitable for ISTA face-up CO2 aluminum cylinders