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JBL ProFlora m2000 SILVER (CO2 Bottle)

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JBL ProFlora m2000 SILVER (CO2 Bottle)

Healthy plants are surely important for every aquarium.

Plants supply the aquarium with vital oxygen for the aquarium dwellers, prevent algae growth and remove pollutants. 

Healthy plants prevent algae growth, supply oxygen, remove pollutants, provide hiding places and also reduce pathogens.

Light as energy source for the photosynthesis of CO2, nutrients and trace elements as growth promoters.

  • Ideal CO2 feeding for fast and slow growing plants
  • Easy to use and effective: refillable 2 kg reusable cylinder
  • Also suitable for all CO2 systems. CO2 withdrawal with JBL m001 fitting or other pressure reducers with connection thread W 21.8x1/14
  • TUV tested, pressure cylinder with overpressure relief. Free-standing: cylinder cannot fall over, no stand required

JBL fertilisers surely supply the plants with all main nutrients and essential trace elements through the water. This way the plants can absorb all the required nutrients they need over the leaves and roots.

The capacity of a CO2 system depends on various factors. 

The carbonate hardness, the quantity and species of the plants and also the strength of the water surface movement are decisive.

Package contents: refillable cylinder filled with 2 kg CO2  Dimensions: 46 x 11.5 cm