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Johnsons Budgie Honey Rings 25gr

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Johnson's Veterinary Products

Johnsons BUDGIE HONEY RING Seed Rings Parakeet Small Cage Bird Treats 25gm


Johnsons Honey Rings 25gm

A delicious treat for budgies, parakeets and other small cage birds
Made with natural ingredients for an irresistible taste and natural goodness
Made with high quality ingredients
Formulated with tasty seeds and honey
Perfect for suspending or placing your cage or aviary
A complementary feed for cage birds packed with flavour and nutrition
Individually wrapped rings to retain freshness

Choose from:

Single 25gm
Deals of 4
Deals of 6
Deals of 12
Case of 45

Composition: Selected Seeds, Gelatine Adhesive, Honey.