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Johnsons Budgie & Parakeet Honey Bars Bird Treat 35g - hanger, treat, fun

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Johnsons honey bar 35g for budgies/parakeets ect

  • Suitable for budgies and parakeets
  • Enriched seeds coated with honey
  • Hanging clip for easy hanging
  • Weight - 35g per Bar

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  • Singles
  • Deals of 4
  • Deals of 6
  • Deals of 12
  • Cases of 40

Product Description
Johnsons Veterinary Budgie & Parakeets Honey Treat Bar 35g

The Johnsons budgie & parakeet honey bars are a complementary pet food, only give as a supplement to the normal diet.

These honey bars are ideal for smaller cage birds like budgies and parakeets.

Another great pleasure for Budgies; this bar shaped treat is made with carefully selected seeds and is enriched with honey.

Comes complete with plastic hanging clip, to suspend or place in cage or aviary.