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Johnson's Veterinary Products
Johnsons shampoos
 for dogs & puppies, Cats & kittens
Puppy and Kitten Shampoo
 is a specially developed, gentle formula for use on delicate skin.
This mild shampoo is perfect for bathing your pet after a good day of exploring.
Supports the development of a beautiful coat and leaves them clean and smelling fresh.
A great start for your puppy or kitten.
Suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats.
Cat Flea Cleansing Shampoo
This is a mild flea shampoo suitable for all breeds of cat and kittens over 8 weeks of age and is best used in conjunction with a brush or comb (See my Cat grooming listing below for those products) to help permanently remove the fleas 
Tea Tree Shampoo
for Dogs is a gentle shampoo, kind to your pet's skin.
The mild formula gently cleanses the skin and soothes irritation.
The antiseptic properties of this shampoo promote the natural healing process whilst the added Aloe Vera nourishes and protects the skins as well as washing away odours.
With all the benefits of a great wash, this shampoo also protects your pet and minimises the discomfort of skin irritation.
Dog Flea Cleansing Shampoo
for Dogs is an effective shampoo, developed to clear your pet’s coat of fleas or any other insects such as lice and mites. The mild, non-irritant formula also contains the vitamin extracts A, E & F as well as added Aloe Vera, a traditional skin balm, which will help to nourish and revitalise your pets coat. Johnson’s Flea Cleansing Shampoo will leave your pet clean and smelling fresh, and most importantly rid of any infestation. Suitable for all breeds.
Dog Deodorant Shampoo
leaves your dog smelling fresh for longer!
This sweet smelling shampoo thoroughly cleans your dog’s coat, leaving it glossy and revitalised.
Washes away easily, it clears away any odours.
The deodorising properties of this shampoo continue to keep unwanted odours at bay long after bathing your pet.
Suitable for all breeds of dog.
Anti-tangle Conditioning Shampoo
 for Dogs is a great aid for grooming.
Effective in the prevention of knots and tangles, this shampoo is suitable for all breeds.
It thoroughly cleans and conditions your pets coat, leaving it silky smooth and therefore difficult for knots to form.
Particularly effective in controlling tangles and felting associated with long haired pets, this shampoo also leaves your pets coats smelling fresh and clean.
For best results use regularly and groom often.
Medicated Shampoo
for Dogs is a gentle formula, kind to your dog’s skin. This specially developed product is the answer to your pet’s skin irritations, effectively clearing away any signs of scurf and excess oil which can cause damage to the skin. This mild shampoo also works to leave your pet’s coat with a healthy shine. Suitable for all breeds.
Velvet Coat Shampoo
 for Dogs improves the natural oils of your dog's coat, leaving it healthy and revitalised, and looking glossier than ever. Johnson's velvet coat breathes life back into old tired coats and improves the overall condition and texture. This energising shampoo contains lanolin, a natural moisturizer with powerful soothing and protective properties. Johnson's Velvet Coat is a great way to care for your dog! Suitable for all breeds.
White N Bright Shampoo
 for dogs & Cats A luxury cream shampoo for dogs & cats containing a special optical brightener and conditioner to make white or light coloured coats stand out. Perfect for those white dog coats that tend to yellow slightly (such as on westies) as this shampoo keeps them white and bright. Can also be used on cats. Read instructions of use before using on your dog or cat. Shampoo should be diluted as per instructions with warm water before applying to coat/skin.
Veterinary Aloe Vera shampoo
 is soothing and conditioning. Containing aloe vera and vitamin extracts which moisturise, condition and sooth the skin making it a must have shampoo for dogs with very minor skin irritation or sensitive skin. Leaves skin soothed and coat shiny and clean. Suitable for all breeds. Must be diluted in water before use. Do not apply direct from bottle onto coat or skin. Instructions for use on back of bottle.
Skin Calm Shampoo
 A shampoo that helps to prevent skin disorders and aids the relief of dry skin and irritations. Suitable for all breeds. Coal Tar and Sulphur are well known ingredients with antibacterial and soothing properties, which traditionally have been used to help prevent skin disorders, and as an aid in the relief of dry skin conditions and skin irritations. 
Gold Coat Shampoo
Formulated To Lift Smells And Nourish Your Dogs Coat. Contains Vitamin Extracts & Aloe Vera. Perfect for any dog in need of a good bath. Can be used on any breed. Nothing is worse than bringing your dog back home after a long walk to find he is covered in mud and smells terrible. Johnsons Gold Coat Shampoo is a perfect shampoo to help clean your pet when he is in need of a good bath, and is formulated to not only clean away dirt, and lift off bad smells, but also to nourish your dogs coat, leaving a rich texture and long lasting shine.
Gold Coat Shampoo is enriched with vitamin extracts A, E and F, and contains Aloe Vera, making it ideal for any dog in need of a good scrub! Please remember when using any dog shampoo, to avoid contact with your dogs eyes, as it can cause irritation.
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