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Penn-Plax Aqua-Nursery

5 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep x 5 inches high

When babies are dropped by the female, they will fall through the slots in Slotted V-Trap, be carried through the Maternity Connector and Transfer Tube and brought up into the Nursery Tank. 

When babies are completely out of Maternity Section, Nursery Tank may be lifted gently off Nursery Platform and be carried to separate location to be placed in a separate aquarium.

A primary need of any aquarium hobbyist is a simple, safe method of saving baby fish. After years of research, Penn-Plax has designed a unit to accomplish this purpose: Aqua-Nursery. The beauty of the Aqua-Nursery is that it is a completely automatic system. 

Once it is set up in place, there's nothing further to do until the fish are born and deposited into their separate nursery section. While it is providing this service, the Aqua-Nursery also creates a constant circulation in both the maternity and the nursery sections. 

This eliminates the problems of stagnant water existing in most other breeding traps, and keeps the mother and the babies alive. The Aqua-Nursery will do its job quietly and confidently with no effort on your part.

Please note: this floats inside the tank & does not come with airline & pump which is needed to keep babies healthy and clean!