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SuperFish Aqua-Flow Internal Filters

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SuperFish Aqua-Flow Filters Available in:
50 FILTER (100 L/H)
100 FILTER (200 L/H)
200 FILTER (500 L/H)
300 FILTER (540 L/H)
400 FILTER (800 L/H)
Aqua-Flow internal filters are compact and perfect for small and mid-sized tropical and cold-water aquariums. 

These filters remove the contaminants from the water and ensure healthy and clean water. The Aqua-Flow filters are easy to install, equipped with a spray bar, adjustable flow (except Aqua-Flow 50) and an easily replaceable Easy-Click cartridge. 

Replace the filter cartridge once a month for optimal filter performance.

SuperFish Aqua-Flow 300 and Aqua-Flow XL Triple Action filters - Large internal filters with Triple-Action filter cartridges. 

The first cartridge is filled with Filter foam and Activated Carbon. This cartridge has to be replaced every month. 

The second cartridge is filled with CrystalMax, a very porous biological filter medium made from sintered glass. It acts as a sponge for micro-organisms, decomposes waste products and harmful substances very fast and effectively. 

Perfect filtration for tropical and coldwater aquariums.