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SuperFish AquaFlow 50 Easy Click Cartridge (3Pk)

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uperFish AquaFlow 50 Easy Click Cartridge (3Pk)

The Aqua-Flow filter has a Easy-Click Cartridge as standard.

This cartridge consists of filter foam with a fully open-structure and activated carbon to remove organic contamination, chemicals and dyes from the water. The Easy-Click system makes filter cleaning easy, you can then replace the filter cartridge in a snap.

Specifically designed for the SuperFish Aqua-Flow internal filter, an Easy Clean Click system making filter cleaning easy, replacing the cartridges in a flash.

EASY CLICK CARTRIDGE: 50 (3 pcs) [Art. A7030830]

It is also recommended you replace your cartridge once a month. A replacement cartridge restores optimal filter performance.

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