Superfish Easy Breeding Box For Tropical Fish Coldwater Marine Platy Guppy Fry

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Superfish Easy Breeding Box With circulation system

Superfish Fish s For Baby Fish and Live Bearers


Breeding Boxes are ideal for saving fry born in the aquarium from other fishes.

Place the Easy Breeding Box onto your aquarium and connect all parts as explained on the side of the box. Connect an air pump (not supplied!) onto the circulation pipe and fill the unit with aquarium water. Now your breeding box is ready, the water will circulate from the aquarium in and out of your Breeding Box, keeping your water quality and water temperature perfect but separating the breeding fish and eggs, young fish or shrimps.

Superfish External Fish Easy Breeding Box - 1.2L Specifications:
Approximate Size 15.5cm long x 12.5cm high x 8.5cm deep
Water Volume 1.2 litres
The Easy Breeding Box requires a small air pump to operate the circulatory System (not included).