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Superfish Aquarium Fish Tank GS Combi Heater 25W

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Superfish GS Combi Heater 25W

Submerged aquarium heater, complete with a free protective shield / heater guard. This heater has a very sensitive and reliable thermostat to ensure a constant temperature. The temperature setting switch is at the top of especially convenient adjustment. The 2.3mm safety glass and protective shield, along with GS approval, make the heater especially safe to use. With extra-long cable to convenient installation.



  • Aquarium volume up to 20 litres
  • 25 watt heater
  • 230 volts


  • Precise temperature setting
  • Extra long mains cable for easy installation
  • Highly efficient and compact heating element
  • Heater guard / protective shield
  • 25.5 cm in length

UK 3-pin plug!